Marriage Certificate Attestation Services in Mumbai

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Marriage Certificate Attestation Services in Mumbai

Marriage certificate attestation in Mumbai is a verification that confirms the document is authentic. Attestation is necessary to use a certificate in a foreign country and apply for a family residence visa or spouse visa.

The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) Govt. Of. India is the only authority to attest to a marriage certificate issued by the Indian authority. The MEA authorized/approved Superb Enterprise Pvt.Ltd (SEPL) to help people complete their marriage certificate attestation procedure in Mumbai.

The SEPL professional team manages the administrative work, from document collection to submission to the government authorities for attestation and delivering the attested marriage certificate to the applicants in the mode they prefer.

Purpose of a Marriage Certificate Attestation in Mumbai

The root purpose of a marriage certificate attestation is to demonstrate that the document is authentic and you can use it in a foreign country for the following purposes:-

  • Getting a family residence visa
  • Sponsorship for a spouse
  • To add a spouse's name to the passport

Procedure for a Marriage Certificate Attestation in Mumbai

SEPL's dedicated team will guide and help you complete the following procedure of a marriage certificate attestation in Mumbai.

Step 1 - State Home Department

The State Home Department verifies the authenticity of your marriage certificate and confirms it as valid with its attestation.

Step 2 - MEA Attestation

MEA provides an MEA attestation stamp on the document to confirm it is genuine.

Step 3 - Embassy Attestation

The destination country embassy of the applicant places the final attestation on a marriage certificate.

Documents Required for a Marriage Certificate Attestation in Mumbai

Submit the following documents to Superb Enterprise Mumbai service centre for attestation.

  • Original Marriage Certificate
  • Clear passport copy of both Husband and Wife
  • Authorization letter (If Applicable)

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What Help SEPL Provide

Complete your document attestation or certificate apostille procedure in 4 Simple Steps

Collect Documents from Applicant



Initially Scrutinise the Document



Submit the Document to the Concerned Departments



Deliver Verified Documents to the Applicant



We have built our name in the market through the professionalism and expertise we put into our work and the benefits we provide to our customers.

Fast And Reliable Services

We are known for providing fast, affordable, and trustworthy attestation services.

Language Translation Services

We have a professional document language translation team that makes a translated copy of your document into the native language of your destination country.

Document Tracking Facility

We provide our customers with a reference number to track the attestation procedure.

Customer Guidance And Support

We work during the official hours to serve you the best to match your urgent needs related to certificate attestation.

Availability Across all Over India

Besides Mumbai, we have service centres in metro and non-metropolitan cities in India to collect and deliver your document before and after attestation.

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We maintain our services transparent and affordable for our customers.

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Contact Details

The following are the platforms from where you can approach us for marriage certificate attestation service in Mumbai.

  • Dial +91-22-22652929, 22652828, or Mobile No. +91-9867782999 and talk to an expert.
  • Email your marriage certificate attestation requirements at
  • You can courier your certificate or visit our office for document attestation services.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of a marriage certificate attestation depends on several factors, such as document type, the state department that does the verification, and the country where the applicant is moving from his native land.

The time taken to attest to a marriage certificate depends on various factors like the document, the state involved in the process, and the foreign country's embassy.

Superb Enterprise is an MEA-certified agency known for providing attestation services in Mumbai. You can contact us for fast, reliable, and affordable attestation services. We collect your document, check it carefully, then submit it to the State Government department, MEA, and embassy for processing your marriage certificate attestation procedure. After getting your attestation on your marriage certificate, we send your document according to the service you have avail for yourself.

Attestation on your marriage certificate is mandatory for use in a foreign country or getting a family or spouse visa.

To use your marriage certificate in UAE, apply for State Home Department attestation, MEA attestation, UAE embassy attestation, and MOFA UAE attestation.