Superb Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. (SEPL) ,is an ISO 9001:2008 certified agency. SEPL group in Mumbai is one of the branches of Superb Enterprise that provide document Attestation in Mumbai, apostille Services in Mumbai, and visa Processing Services in Mumbai.

Since March 2012, the MEA has impanelled Superb Enterprises Pvt Ltd as their authorised service provider for certificate attestation and apostille services in Mumbai.

The Cultural Division of the Oman Embassy and the Yemen Embassy has given the entire culture attestation work to SEPL.

We also undertake certificate attestation in Mumbai for various countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Bahrain, etc.

We also provide document translation services. We have professional translators that make a translated copy of your document in many foreign languages - Arabic, French, German, Italian, Portugal, Spanish, Russian, Malaysian, and Chinese.

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What Help SEPL Provide

Complete your document attestation or certificate apostille procedure in 4 Simple Steps

Collect Documents from Applicant




Initially Scrutinise the Document




Submit the Document to the Concerned Departments




Deliver Verified Documents to the Applicant




Frequently Asked Questions

There are three categories for documents - Educational, Commercial, and Personal. The attestation process of an educational certificate includes the State Human Resource Department, the Ministry of External Affairs, and the embassy of the destination country of the applicant.
The process of attestation is the same for the remaining documents, personal and commercial, except for the state departments. The State Home Department verifies and places an attestation stamp on a personal certificate. On the other hand, the Chamber of Commerce provides an attestation stamp on a commercial document.

The process of attestation depends on the type of document the applicant needs attestation for use in a foreign country. Similarly, the processing time of attestation depends on various factors, such as the document, state department, MEA, and the destination country of the applicant.

The attestation cost of a document is influenced by various factors, such as the document category and the authorities involved in the attestation procedure.

We will give you a reference number that will support you in tracking your document attestation procedure.

The need for attestation is as crucial as a passport to stay in a foreign country for study, employment, work, or business.

You can visit our office or courier your document for attestation.

We follow a systematic and tech-friendly procedure for document collection, submission, and delivery after attestation. We are known for our secure and swift document attestation services. You can trust us for all types of embassy attestation services.


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