Birth Certificate Attestation Services in Mumbai

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Birth Certificate Attestation Services in Mumbai

A Birth certificate attestation service in Mumbai is an act to verify the document's authenticity. Certificate attestation is an obligatory procedure performed by the government authorities of the certificate-issued country and foreign diplomatic mission (Embassy) to ascertain that a particular certificate is genuine to carry in a country abroad.

The Ministry of External Affairs, MEA, Government of India places the final attestation on an Indian birth certificate. The MEA has officially approved Superb Enterprise Pvt. Ltd (SEPL) to help the applicants and assist the government authorities and embassies with certificate attestation.

SEPL Attestation Mumbai is one of the service centres of Superb Enterprise Pvt. Ltd to provide swift and secure attestation services in Mumbai.

SEPL handles the administrative work related to a birth certificate attestation, from document collection to submission to the government authorities for attestation and delivering the attested document to the applicant.

Need of a Birth Certificate Attestation in Mumbai

It is mandatory to have an attestation stamp on a birth certificate to ascertain it is genuine. Having an attested birth certificate is essential to perform the following task:-

  • Sponsorship or resident Visa
  • Education or job in a foreign country
  • Commence a business in another country
  • Change profession and visa status abroad

Complete Process of a Birth Certificate Attestation in Mumbai

SEPL Attestation Mumbai has an expert team that completes the following attestation procedure for a birth certificate without hindrances.

Step 1 - State Home Department

The State Home Department verifies your birth certificate and confirms the certificate is authentic with its attestation.

Step 2 - MEA Attestation

The MEA ascertains the birth certificate is bonafide with its MEA attestation.

Step 3 - Embassy Attestation

The embassy of your destination country places the final attestation on your birth certificate and confirms the document is authentic.

Documents Required for a Birth Certificate Attestation in Mumbai

To run the birth certificate attestation process, submit the following document to the SEPL attestation service centre in Mumbai.

  • Original certificate
  • Passport copy
  • Authorization letter (If applicable)

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What Help SEPL Provide

Complete your document attestation or certificate apostille procedure in 4 Simple Steps

Collect Documents from Applicant



Initially Scrutinise the Document



Submit the Document to the Concerned Departments



Deliver Verified Documents to the Applicant



Here are the advantages of taking attestation service from an authorised agency, SEPL Attestation in Mumbai.

Fast and Reliable Services

We are officially authorized by the MEA and dedicated to providing our customers with swift and secure certificate attestation services.

Language Translation Services

We have a professional document language translation team that makes a translated copy of your document into the native language of your destination country.

Document Tracking Number

We provide our customers with a reference number to track the process of their certificate attestation.

Available All Over India

We have service centres in all Indian metro and non-metropolitan cities to help and guide people in completing their document attestation procedure.

Customer Convenience

We focus on making our services swift or less hassle for our customers.

Contact Details

You may contact us at the following numbers or email us for our fast and affordable attestation services in Mumbai.

  • Dial +91-22-22652929, +91-22-22652828 and Mobile No. +91-9867782999
  • Email at
  • Courier your document or visit the office for attestation.

Frequently Asked Questions

The process of a birth certificate attestation in Mumbai depends on the document type, state department, and the consulate of the concerned country embassy.

Following are the factors based on which the cost of attestation fluctuates.
  • Type of document
  • State department that verifies the document
  • The embassy of the applicant's destination country

You can contact SEPL Attestation Mumbai, an officially approved company of MEA, to collect documents from applicants, scrutinise and submit them to the authorities for attestation and deliver the attested certificate to the applicant.