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Death Certificate Attestation in Mumbai

A death certificate attestation is a verification compulsory to confirm the document is authentic to use internationally. The attestation of a death certificate in India is the service provided by the State Home Department, Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), and the respective embassy of the applicant’s destination country.

The MEA has officially approved/authorized Superb Enterprise Pvt.Ltd (SEPL) to assist applicants and execute the process of attestation

SEPL guides and supports applicants in completing the attestation procedure in a completely affordable and secure manner. We manage the administrative tasks related to a death certificate attestation in Mumbai, from the document collection to initially scrutinizing it, then document submission to the concerned government authorities for attestation, and delivering the attested document to the applicants as per the mode they prefer.

Purpose of a Death Certificate Attestation

Attestation of a death certificate is necessary to deal with the international financial dealings related to the deceased person. Here are some basic needs linked with a death certificate attestation.

  • To prove a person is dead.
  • For insurance purposes.
  • For matters related to the deceased person's belongings.

The Procedure for a Death Certificate Attestation in Mumbai

A death certificate attestation procedure has several steps mentioned in detail below.

Step 1 - State Department

The State Home Department verifies and confirms the authenticity of a death certificate that is a personal document.

Step 2 - MEA Attestation

Once the State Home Department confirms a death certificate is valid, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) validates the document with an MEA attestation.

Step 3 - Embassy Attestation

The final attestation of the document is done by the respective embassy of the applicant's destination country.

Documents Required for a Death Certificate Attestation in Mumbai

The following are the documents necessary to submit to obtain an attestation stamp on a death certificate.

  • Original Certificate
  • A passport copy of any family member or the person who has applied for the certificate attestation.
  • Authorization letter from the applicant (If Applicable)

What Help SEPL Provide

Complete your document attestation or certificate apostille procedure in 4 Simple Steps

Collect Documents from Applicant



Initially Scrutinise the Document



Submit the Document to the Concerned Departments



Deliver Verified Documents to the Applicant



Superb Enterprise has been functioning for many years now and provides the best attestation services in India. We have built this trust through the professionalism and expertise we put into our work. The following are the benefits we have for our customers.

  • Swift & Reliable Service - We are known for offering fast assistance on which you can rely for attestation in Mumbai.
  • Language translation service - We translate certificates into the language applicable in your destination country for attestation.
  • Document Track Service - We give our customer's a document reference number to keep an eye on their document attestation process.
  • Service Availability All Over India - We are available to provide attestation services to our customers in all the important states of India in your comfort zone.

Contact now to obtain our service for a death certificate attestation in Mumbai.

Contact Details

Superb Enterprise has the expertise and experience necessary to provide suitable attestation services. Being authorised, we are accountable and notable to be customer-oriented. The following are the platforms for you to approach us for a death certificate attestation in Mumbai.

  • Dial +91-22-22652929, +91-22-22652828, and Mobile No. +91-9867782999 to ask questions directly to an expert.
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  • You can courier the death certificate or visit our office in Mumbai for document attestation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Certificate attestation is mandatory when moving abroad for different purposes. This procedure demonstrates the authenticity of an expat's document in a foreign country. Attestation of a death certificate is necessary to obtain the benefits related to this document in a country abroad.

The price of a death certificate attestation service in Mumbai depends on several factors, such as;
  • Document type.
  • The concerned country's embassy.
  • The State Department and MEA that verifies and attests to the document.

The completion period of attestation depends on various factors, such as the document type, State Department, MEA, and the consulate/embassy of the concerned country.

There are three types of attestations in India - State Home Department attestation, MEA attestation, and embassy attestation. The concerned authorities have officially approved Superb Enterprise Pvt.Ltd (SEPL) to assist applicants in completing all types of attestations as per their destination country.

You can courier your document or visit our office in Mumbai. We have an expert team to help you with all types of attestation services according to your destination country and purpose of moving. Once we receive your document for attestation, we verify it, then send the certificate to the State Home Department, MEA, and the UAE embassy for final verification and attestation.
Once we receive your attested certificate, we either courier it or notify you to collect it from our office as per the mode you prefer.