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PCC Attestation in Mumbai

Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) attestation in Mumbai is done by the State Home Department, Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), and the embassy of the applicant’s concerned country in India.

The Ministry of External Affairs has officially approved Superb Enterprise Pvt.Ltd (SEPL) to help applicants and assist the government authorities and embassies in India with document attestation services.

The expert team of SEPL manages the whole administrative procedure of PCC attestation in Mumbai, from the document collection to submission to the authorities for attestation and delivering the certificate to the applicant's preference.

Purpose of PCC Attestation in Mumbai, Maharashtra

SEPL’s dedicated and professional team helps you get your PCC attested, one of the crucial documents you need to fulfil the following requirements.

Complete Procedure of PCC Attestation in Mumbai

A PCC is a personal document that is also called a non-educational document. The following are the attestation steps for PCC that the SEPL team completes on your behalf.

Step 1 - State Home Department

The State Home Department verifies PCC and confirms the document is original and authentic with an attestation.

Step 2 - MEA Attestation

After the State Home Department, the Ministry of External Affairs confirms a PCC is authentic and original with an MEA attestation.

Step 3 - Embassy Attestation

Once the State Home Department and MEA verifies the document, the embassy of your concerned country does the final attestation of your PCC document.

List of Documents Required for PCC Attestation

The following are the documents needed for the attestation of your PCC to prove your documents genuinity.

  • Original PCC
  • Passport Copy
  • Authorization Letter (If Applicable)

SEPL can help you in PCC attestation in Mumbai by submitting your document to India's Indian authorities and your destination country's embassy.

What Help SEPL Provide PCC Attestation in Mumbai

Collect Documents from Applicant



Initially Scrutinise the Document



Submit the Document to the Concerned Departments



Deliver Verified Documents to the Applicant



The following are the advantages and facilities SEPL is committed to providing its customers with PCC attestation services.

Fast and Trustworthy Services

SEPL has a dedicated and professional team that manages and securely completes the attestation procedure as soon as possible.

Document Translation Service

We have experienced transcript writers to provide the best translation services to translate your PCC into the language of your destination country.

Record Tracking Service

We provide our customers with reference numbers to track the progress of their certificate attestation procedure.

Availability of Service All Over India

We have service centres in all metro cities in India to enhance the availability of our service, whenever and wherever they are required.

Customer Convenience

We are a dedicated team that completes the process for a PCC attestation with utmost care and minimum time duration.

SEPL Contact Details

You may contact us in the following ways and get in touch with an expert for genuine PCC attestation services in Mumbai.

  • Talk with an expert at +91-22-22652929, 22652828, or Mobile No. +91-9867782999.
  • We also accept queries or PCC attestation requirements via email at mumbai@seplgroup.com.
  • You can either courier your PCC for attestation or visit our service centre in Mumbai for PCC attestation services.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are the crucial documents you need to apply for a Police Clearance Certificate in India.
  • Passport
  • Application Receipt
  • Current Address Proof (Electricity bill, Telephone bill, Water bill, Aadhaar Card, Voter ID)

PCC attestation demonstrates that the document is original and authentic, and the certificate holder can use it in a foreign country.

The cost of PCC attestation depends on the state department that confirms the document is authentic, MEA attestation, and the concerned embassy.

SEPL is one of the outsourcing companies approved by MEA to guide and support applicants by completing their PCC attestation procedure with care and minimum time duration. You can contact the SEPL group, visit our office, or courier your PCC certificate for attestation in Mumbai.